janvier 16, 2013

Flexible E-paper Tablets


The E-paper tablets are the stuffed dreams of future newspapers. This new concept is introduced by Intel, Plastic Logic and researchers at Queen's University. The PaperTab tablet looks like a sheet of paper blending with attractive features. You can also fast-forward by holding down one edge of the screen or go back by holding the edge up.

The ‘PaperTab’ project, developed by the Human Media Lab at Queen’s University and Plastic Logic, demonstrates innovative interactions powered by Intel Core processors that could potentially delight tablet users in the future. It is fully interactive having high resolution 10.7″ screen, high contrast grey-scale images and it is interactive to the nearby devices.

In future, several PaperTabs make it much easier to work with multiple documents. PaperTab features a touchscreen, so you can use on-screen keyboard or a stylus. Its not just designed to be used as a standalone tablet, idea is to use multiple PaperTab devices together. And you can even “turn” pages in a document by bending the screen as if you had been flipping pages.

Imagine scattering a few pieces of paper on your desk, one with a document you’re reading, another with a map, and a third with a web browser. You can open links from the document just by tapping the PaperTab with a web browser on the tablet with a document. Or you can drag and drop elements from one device to another.

Right now the PaperTab is just in the concept phase, and it’s not clear if this technology will ever come to market or even if there’s demand for it. But it’s a pretty nifty vision of the future paper.

août 08, 2012

Mobile SEO

In the current competitive world nearly 8 out of 10 people are mobile subscribers. The future world integrated with the advancement of mobile technology will impact the consumer’s to use mobile for real time applications. Nowadays, the landscape of marketing has changed the business people; their motto is to attract users for consummate profit.

Mobile SEO advantages helps to do geographical searches in accordance with the user’s requirements. In order to amplify their revenues, the business merchants have the need to establish and enhance in marketing via latest mobile applications.

Mobile search is growing much faster than the desktop, Google has also introduced special crawler for smart phones which predicts best results. Mobile SEO is crucial for business people to incorporate forward-thinking practices to ensure their mobile sites, is easily detected by search engines and utilized by the consumers.

Mobile SEO and SEM is a part of Internet Marketing campaigns with sustaining promotional and marketing efforts through billions of mobile subscribers. The SEO analysts evaluate the future trends to drive best traffic to their websites.

Tips to be followed by SEO analysts for Mobile SEO services:

  • The website should support all browsers (i.e.) Site should support in iPhone as well as Nokia 6300.
  • Recognize the content and presentation methods in the mobile display.
  • Get focused! Use precise keywords to get faster search results on web.
  • Position yourself in the search engine, because a mobile user doesn’t browse deeper than the second page.
  • Featured presentation results ensure for feature pick.
  • Submit the site to most relevant portals, business listings and directories, to gain more traffic.

juillet 19, 2012

Why Android crowns in today’s mobile platform?

Android, a popular buzz word in mobile industry is nowadays the foremost open and comprehensive platform for mobile devices and tablets. It is an operating system for mobile devices and tablets as Microsoft Windows for PCs. Android is developed by Open Handset Alliance, led by Google. Android is experienced in different versions like Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. After analyzing the mobile market, experts predict that in the near future Android is expected to be the mobile industries vision.

Google is processing over a billion of search requests every day, which makes it a dominant force in the internet technology. But, Google's internet dominance is only limited to desktop PCs and laptops which are gradually getting replaced by the mobile devices. Every year, the sale of mobile is escalating 3 times better when compared to desktop and laptop. To maintain its position and to expand its infiltration into the rapidly growing profitable mobile marketplace, Google launched Android OS as a complete open-source platform performing with aesthetic values. The Android platform is Google's outstanding business model.

What made android so popular or Why Mobile users prefer Android Mobiles

Android Mobiles have several distinct advantages over other mobiles, which attracts mobile users. For instance, Android Mobiles can run quite a lot of applications simultaneously, which obviously makes it easier to multitask and improves the overall functionality of the mobile phone. Android mobile phones make users happy because they act faster, fluid and convivial. Android platform is not tethered to a specific company. Any phone manufacturer who wants to produce an Android phone can simply start the process without any necessity of license. This is the reason why Android Mobiles are available at affordable prices, when compared to other mobile devices.

Android Mobile users can customize their mobile screen to suit their tastes and needs. They can check their Facebook and twitter profiles through a variety of apps, which is an ideal solution for social networking. They can set reminder from their desktop or from mobile phone through the calendar. With the latest version of Android, users can share links between mobile and PCs.

Google's automatic backup and restore services, will intermittently backup the vital information, like the applications you install, respective apps data, contacts, settings and your Wi-Fi networks and passwords. When you get a new phone, or if you have to restore the data for whatever reason, retrieving the important data is as simple as logging into your Google account. Moreover it works well especially to recover important data like contacts. Users may never have the fear of losing contacts, as far as all contacts are saved to their address book and make sure it's synchronized with their Google Account.

Google’s Android expands its margins from mobile phones, tablets towards all electronic devices in the near future. Its Android@Home was unveiled at Google I/O, Android-powered phone makes possible turning a light bulb on and off. Google said Android@Home will be an open protocol which will be able to talk to peripherals and closed systems, such as Apple and Windows devices.

juillet 12, 2012

Social Media Marketing – a powerful platform to increase traffic!

To face tough market conditions, gain potential traffic to your website through Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Digg etc and stay in touch with your followers. Intelligently rocket your traffic with the top most social media tools and services.

Few essential tips to improve your traffic online via SMO

  • Build your network

  • Share information about the product

  • Syndicate your unique content to the targeted audience

  • Interact with your targeted audience

  • Close the gap between you and your customers

  • Analyze your social media performance and feedback

  • Build an online community

  • Appreciate their contributions

  • Share videos related to your services

  • Use social media contests to learn about your audience
  • juillet 09, 2012

    Knowledge graph in Google

    Get the best summary for your query using google's knowledge graph which is a revolutionary way of using Internet. It is a search methodology for next generation and it helps to discover many new informations quickly and with ease. Its not a catalog of objects and it also models the inter-relationships.

    Perfect search engine should understand exactly and respond to your query. For example, if your are searching for the famous Scientist Albert Einstein. It gives the relevant informations about Einstein like his birth, death, education, childern, his scientific discoveries, awards and more.

    And it also display the similar people in the same field with picture. It is some what different from the traditional search results.

    Another example, if you are searching about the person Frank Lloyd Wright. It shows the right information in a box within a second. For instance, you need not refer Wikipedia to know about his birth date and projects. People might not know the other persons in that particular field. Google's Knowledge Graph give details about all persons related to that field and helps the user to know more new things.

    This new invention from Google gives a complete picture for your interest and provides you smarter search results, it also picks your curiosity to learn more relevant things. It also encourages people to use Google search engine. Enjoy your surfing with Google's knowledge graph, spend less time to learn new things.

    octobre 17, 2011

    Hangar 17 ICT has introduce a new deals for creating websites, e commerce portals

    We are very happy to announce our new service called « Achat Groupé site web ». This means, the websites are in discount prices and ready-made.

    Over 14 years of the market experience in Europe and sister countries, I saw many of site owners asks the web agencies to modify / create the website as per their requirements and the final sometimes it wouldn’t the customer’s thought. Some conversation been missed. Also the process is more time consuming.

    In order to avoid this time consuming process and delay of website owner’s goal, we have introduced a new and quality service called “Achat groupé site web”. By this new service, the business owners can directly enter our website, make a choice of their preferred future website from the given templates and buy the cart directly.

    Key features of this service:
    • Reduce the number of requests and responses over the business owners and web agencies.
    • No hidden cost. The prices are visible in website.
    • Easy to tackle the designed templates.
    • Own decision is made. So the controversy on agency will be reduced.
    • Quick process to get your website online.
    • Ready to get customers for your website as quick as possible.

    Our designed templates in:
    • Magento and Prestashop - For large e commerce portals. Our experienced designers worked on them and perfectly matched to the products list, overview, price and other things places are in as per the visitor’s point of view.
    • Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal - For small and medium business, completely suitable and easy to maintain.

    Also we provide additional services including;
    • Language support custom module in Prestashop, Magento, Joomla and Wordpress
    • 8 hours package for maintenance in Prestashop, Magento, Joomla and Wordpress
    • Training on back-office in Prestashop, Magento, Joomla and Wordpress

    We truly believe that you would greatly benefit from this service. We, Hangar 17 ICT, are the leading offshore firm having its origin in France and currently located at former French colony, Pondicherry (Southeast valley of India).