août 26, 2011

Google Map weather updation: Climate conditions for today and next four days

If you are a single person and family or frequent traveler has a plan to go for a tour on newer place which you hadn't go earlier, or already known place but not ensured the current climate do not worry hereafter. So Google has developed and added “Weather” layer on Google Map ensured all people can see their place's climate on Map and plan easier to go for vacation or normal tour.

By accessing this weather updation, you can browse google maps at then type a place that you want to travel. And see the right corner of map, hover the mouse on Satellite or map, then you can see the “weather” layer. Just click it and zoom-in your city or place to see climate conditions.

You can also find climate conditions for next four days. This makes you can clear plan to stay on your loved place. You can also change appropriate Fahrenheit or Celsius for climate changes and also see wind flows in mph / kmh / m/s.

This weather updation is frequently updated from Google also given option to see hourly or 10 days that links to actual site

4 commentaires:

  1. Nice..... but the climate conditions are displayed only for main cities not for all. Pondicherry also is not displaying in the map..

  2. Google has working on it and hope to see this soon..

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